Kombucha soap?! Yes, you read that correctly. We are super excited about teaming up with The Savvy Soaperie to have a soap made with our kombucha! A local company gaining popularity for their all natural, hand-made soaps and skin care products, The Savvy Soaperie uses Mother Nature’s purest and freshest organic ingredients, creating products that are skin & earth-friendly. We’ve been using their products for months and here’s why we love them:

  • 100% natural soap is the only true cleanser that actually helps preserve the skin’s natural moisture barrier and flora. This prevents dryness and other issues often caused by the fillers, detergents and animal by-products found in mass-produced soap.
  • Savvy Soaperie makes 100% vegetable-based soap and skincare products that completely alter people’s skin condition for the better, even for eczema and dermatitis sufferers.
  • To everyone’s delight, their natural bar soap never leaves a scum behind – on you or on your tub!
  • All of their products are biodegradable so no harmful chemicals are being absorbed by your skin and no harsh chemicals are going down the drain into our water systems.

Our Warm Ginger Kombucha soap is made using kombucha twice to add to the cleansing, tonifing benefits of the kombucha itself. Using ginger, clove and orange essential oils and topped with hibiscus petals and orange peel, this soap smells heavenly. 

The toughest thing will be playing the waiting game as the soaps need time to cure. We will keep you posted but we don’t expect our kombucha soap to hit the market until just before Spring. Until then, we strongly suggest you try ANY of The Savvy Soaperie’s products (seriously, they are all amazing) available at the Valley Artisans or online at www.savvysoaperie.com 

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